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Laser!  1993

Laser! is a puzzle game based on light. Each level features at least one light emitter and one light receiver. A "parts shelf" includes all of the parts to make a machine to direct the beams of light into the receiver. Parts include mirrors to redirect the light, half mirrors to redirect some of the light and let the rest pass through, prisms to break the light into red, green and blue beams, and filters to remove one of the primary colors, allowing the secondary colors (magenta, yellow, and cyan) to pass through. Some light receivers accept full-spectrum (white) light, while others require a specific color of light. The concept is interesting and clever.

Added by DOSGuy



Screenshot of Laser!


Laser! Demo (139,693 bytes) 1993-08-24 Win16 Play online


Ron Balewski no longer sells this game.