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Kye  1992

Kye is a classic "collect the diamonds" game named after the author's dog. Kye must be navigated through some difficult levels, eating or pushing blocks out of his way, and figuring out obstacles and traps. There are balls that move in one direction, sticky blocks that can pull obstacles out of the way, and five kinds of monsters that pursue Kye in real-time. Besides the monsters, some levels have blocks that are constantly in motion, so reflexes and skill are required in addition to problem solving. There is no gravity and no boulders to drop, and the levels, blocks and monsters are entirely original, so this isn't just another Boulder Dash clone. You can design your own custom levels, and a number of third-party level packs exist. Version 2.0 added five extra levels, black holes, one way doors, time bombs, an on-screen level editor, and registration now required a charitable donation to Save the Children, instead of direct payment to the author. There are 15 levels in the shareware version, and originally there were 20 extra levels in the registered version. User-created levels were added over the years, with a final tally of 496 extra levels in the registered version.

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Screenshot of Kye


Complete version history:

Kye v2.0 Shareware Version (36,904 bytes) 1992-02-28 Win16 Play online
Kye v2.0 Registered Levels (124,558 bytes) 1999-08-17 Win16
Kye v1.2 Shareware Version (25,306 bytes) 1992-01-30 Win16


Author Colin Garbutt generously released this game as freeware on 18 February 2008. He still asks that a donation be made to a children's charity.