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Kosynka  1992

Kosynka is an EGA version of the Russian solitaire game Косынка ("Big Scarf" or "Neckerchief"), which has the same rules as Klondike, except that the deck is made up of two full decks of cards (104 cards), and there are 9 or 10 columns instead of the usual 7. You draw from the deck one card at a time, but you can only flip the deck twice. The mouse is used to drag the cards or draw from the deck, and you can double click on cards to send them directly to the suit row. If you know how to play Windows Solitaire, you know how to play this game. The game was programmed in Moscow by Sergey Ryzhkov and published by Everett Kaser Software.

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Graphics modes

EGA Mode 10h



Complete version history:

Kosynka v1.0 Shareware (66,655 bytes) xxxx DOS
Kosynka v1.1 Shareware (68,814 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online

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I have found no ordering information for this game, and it is not listed on Everett Kaser Software's website.