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Knarly Works  2000

Knarly Works is a plumbing game where your goal is to create a closed circuit of pipes. There is only one solution to each puzzle, and you must fill in the grid by placing the hints for each row and column into the correct place. Knowing that the pipes must create a closed circuit, you can eliminate possibilities and deduce where each pipe must go. When there isn't enough information to reduce the options to only one, you can figure out what each option has in common and what segments of the grid must or must not have pipe. At smaller sizes, the puzzles can usually be solved quickly. At least for me, at larger sizes, the need to monotonously go through cell in the grid and figure out what each option has in common becomes so burdensome that the game stops being fun. Fortunately there are thousands of puzzles in each size, so there should be enough puzzles to last a lifetime for even a novice player. There are 65 536 puzzles in each of 5 sizes in this game, with only 10 puzzles in each size playable in the shareware version.

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Knarly Works

Knarly Works


Complete version history:

Knarly Works v2.0a Shareware (1,477,632 bytes) 29 April 2006 Win9x
Knarly Works v2.0 Shareware (1,447,424 bytes) 19 November 2005 Win9x
Knarly Works v1.1 Shareware (376,611 bytes) 5 June 2004 Win16
Knarly Works v1.0 Shareware (376,707 bytes) 7 October 2000 Win16

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Everett Kaser Software still sells this game for $19.95 by download or CD-ROM.