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Klik & Play  1994

Klik & Play was the first of Clickteam's simple game creators. It came with a large library of graphics and sounds and made it easy to create multi-level games. Advanced users could create their own graphics and sounds, and hundreds of impressive games found popularity online. The demo version comes with three games: Hungry Hedgehogs, a math game; Reversi; and Toyland, a complex Breakout game in which the goal is to destroy moving toys, some of which are attacking you, and prevent the ball from hitting mice at the bottom of the screen. Only simple, single-level games can be created in the shareware demo, while the registered version includes hundreds of animated objects and sample sounds, and the ability to create complex games. There are 10 games in this program, with only 3 playable in the shareware version. Now discontinued, in 1999 Europress and Clickteam released Klik & Play for Schools, which is freely distributable but can only be freely used for school activities.

Gracillia V
Hungry Hedgehogs
Klik & Play Card Game
Music Madness!
Racing Line
Slot Machine
The Face Game

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Screenshot of Klik & Play


Klik & Play for Schools v1.2o Freeware (5,084,759 bytes) xxxx Win16
Klik & Play v1.2d Shareware Demo (1,102,934 bytes) 1995-08-07 Win16 Play online


This game has been discontinued. The registered version is free to use for school activities.