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Kid Pix  1992

In 1990, Craig Hickman created a drawing program for children so that his son could have fun drawing on their Mac, and Broderbund agreed to publish it. Kid Pix has a lot in common with drawing games like Mario Paint. The drawing and painting functions are easy to use, there are lots of sound effects, a library of animal clipart, and lots of practical and silly effects can be applied to the picture. Only the first three options for each tool are available in the demo; for instance, only letters from A to C can be stamped into a picture. Pictures can be saved in the full version.

Added by DOSGuy



Screenshot of Kid Pix


Kid Pix Demo (399,388 bytes) 1992-05-03 Win16 Play online


Software MacKiev still sells Kid Pix 3D for Mac OS X and Windows.