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Ken's Labyrinth  1993

The author calls this the first Wolfenstein 3D clone. Aliens from the planet Zogar, led by Ken, have abducted your dog, Sparky, and discovered dogs to be the most intelligent species in the universe. They've also abducted you and put you in a labyrinth that they use to test the strength and intelligence of different species. There are lots of weird aliens to shoot and a dog to save in this unusual first-person shooter. There are 3 episodes in this game, with only the first episode playable in the shareware version.

Episode 1 - Search for Sparky
Episode 2 - Sparky's Revenge
Episode 3 - Find the Way Home

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Ken's Labyrinth v2.01 Registered (887,582 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online
Ken's Labyrinth v2.0 Shareware (776,740 bytes) xxxx DOS
Ken's Labyrinth v1.1 Registered (533,231 bytes) xxxx DOS
Ken's Labyrinth v1.0 Shareware (412,178 bytes) xxxx DOS

Source code

Source code for Ken's Labyrinth in Microsoft C 6.00A (59,270 bytes) xxxx


Author Ken Silverman generously released this game under the Ken's Labyrinth Freeware License on 16 November 1999.