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Keen Dreams  1992

Under contract to make another game for Softdisk, id created a Commander Keen game called Keen Dreams. It was published between Invasion of the Vorticons and Goodbye Galaxy!, and is often referred to as Episode 3.5. The graphics will be instantly familiar, but Keen no longer has a pogo stick or ray gun. The story takes place in Commander Keen's dreams, which explains why he wears his pajamas. Keen finds himself in a vegetable kingdom ruled by Boobus Tuber, an evil potato king Boobus Tuber (Super Mario Bros. 2 anyone?). Keen can still jump really high, duck, drop from platforms, and climb fire poles, as he can in Goodbye Galaxy!, but he uses "Flower Power" seeds to temporarily turn enemies into flowers. The graphics and sound resemble Goodbye Galaxy!, minus the incredible backgrounds. I find the game to be more difficult than most others in the series, in no small part because Keen throws seeds in an arch, rather than firing a raygun charge in a straight line. The seeds will bounce around for a while before disappearing, so sometimes you hit an enemy on the rebound.

Added by DOSGuy


EGA Mode 0Dh

Screenshot of Keen Dreams


Keen Dreams v1.13 Shareware (379,768 bytes) 1992-09-10 DOS Play online
Keen Dreams v1.01 Shareware (357,722 bytes) 1992-08-21 DOS


Softdisk no longer sells this game.