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Jump 'n Bump  1998

Jump 'n Bump is a simple game that can be played by up to four people simultaneously. One to four rabbits can hop from a friendly staging area into an arena, where their only goal is to jump on each other, causing them to explode into giblets (unless you start the game with the "-nogore" argument). Blood doesn't disappear, so the environment eventually gets pretty bloody. I used to play this game with a friend for hours. The arena features water that the bunnies can swim in, slippery ice, a springboard, and a swarm of flies that mostly mind their own business. The authors included a level editor and encouraged fans to create their own backgrounds and levels. The homepage still hosts 109 fan-made levels.

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VGA non-standard mode

Screenshot of Jump 'n Bump


Jump 'n Bump Freeware (354753 bytes) 14 November 1998 DOS Play online

Source code

Source code for Jump 'n Bump in C and ASM (317807 bytes) xxxx

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This game was originally released as "e-mailware", requesting that users send the authors an email about what you like about the game. Brainchild Design generously released the source code in 1999.

Cheat Codes

During gameplay, type in one or more of these toggles:

jetpack - players have jetpacks (press up for thrust)
pogostick - players bounce constantly
lordoftheflies - flies follow the bunnies instead of dispersing
bunniesinspace - low gravity
bloodisthickerthanwater - water turns to blood

From the command line:

jumpbump.exe -fireworks (twisted screen saver)