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Jigsaws Galore  1996

This puzzle game is literally a puzzle game. The game allows you to put together a jigsaw puzzle, and you can select the difficulty level which determines how many pieces the puzzle is broken into. You can have the computer sort the pieces for you, and you can place pieces in a separate tray so that you can work on different parts of the puzzle separately. Version 1.0 was an internal release only. Version 3.0 converted the game to Win32 and increased the color depth from 256 colors to true color. There are 10 jigsaw puzzles in this game, with 130 more on the Gold Edition CD-ROM.

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Screenshot of Jigsaws Galore

Screenshot of Jigsaws Galore


Complete version history:

Jigsaws Galore v6.13 Shareware (5,798,555 bytes) 2010-08-23 Win9x
Jigsaws Galore v6.12 Shareware (Still searching) 2009-11-09 Win9x
Jigsaws Galore v6.11 Shareware (5,643,800 bytes) 2008-05-27 Win9x
Jigsaws Galore v6.05 Shareware (3,325,832 bytes) 2007-02-28 Win9x
Jigsaws Galore v6.0 Shareware (3,122,336 bytes) 2005-11-01 Win9x
Jigsaws Galore v5.2 Shareware (Still searching) 2004-06-10 Win9x
Jigsaws Galore v5.1 Shareware (Still searching) 2004-04-16 Win9x
Jigsaws Galore v5.0 Shareware (2,801,147 bytes) 2003-09-24 Win9x
Jigsaws Galore v4.3 Shareware (1,791,492 bytes) 2002-08-15 Win9x
Jigsaws Galore v4.2 Shareware (1,789,898 bytes) 2002-02-22 Win9x
Jigsaws Galore v4.1 Shareware (1,789,104 bytes) 2001-05-04 Win9x
Jigsaws Galore v4.0 Shareware (2,045,618 bytes) 2001-02-24 Win9x
Jigsaws Galore v3.4 Shareware (Still searching) 2000-08-28 Win9x
Jigsaws Galore v3.3 Shareware (Still searching) 2000-08-18 Win9x
Jigsaws Galore v3.2 Shareware (1,547,479 bytes) 2000-03-16 Win9x
Jigsaws Galore v3.1 Shareware (Still searching) 1999-09-14 Win9x
Jigsaws Galore v3.0 Shareware (1,545,428 bytes) 1999-04-11 Win9x
Jigsaws Galore v2.2 Shareware (1,117,550 bytes) 1998-02-26 Win16 Play online
Jigsaws Galore v2.1 Shareware (1,116,644 bytes) 1998-02-17 Win16
Jigsaws Galore v2.0 Shareware (1,111,744 bytes) 1997-07-02 Win16
Jigsaws Galore v1.3 Shareware (1,392,817 bytes) 1997-01-21 Win16
Jigsaws Galore v1.2 Shareware (1,392,084 bytes) 1996-09-10 Win16
Jigsaws Galore v1.1 Shareware (1,391,519 bytes) 1996-05-24 Win16


Gray Design Associates still sells Version 6, a Win32 version of this game, for $25 by download or $39 on CD-ROM.