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Iron Blood  1995

Iron Blood (known as Interrupt in Korea) is a robot mech platform game set in the year 2041. Scientists at the Florida Organism Research Center developed the ability to replace any human organ with an artificial one, a technique that they have illegally tested on human subjects: themselves. The project leader, Dr. Hagleron, has disappeared, and intelligence indicates that the criminal organization known as the Mement Mori may be involved. As a member of the North American Union Constabulary Force, your job will be to infiltrate the Organism Research Center and find out what has happened to Dr. Hagleron and the other scientists. Players choose one of two mechs, and there are different levels for each mech. The red mech, RG-104, can punch enemies and can use rocket boosters to increase the height of jumps. The blue mech, SG-43, is much faster and uses an energy sword to attack. SG-43 doesn't have a jetpack, but can double jump. The graphics, sound, and gameplay are all decent, though the levels can be a bit boring. Overall, this is a pretty average platformer. There are 6 stages in this game, with only the first stage playable in the shareware version.

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VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Iron Blood


Iron Blood v1.3 Shareware Demo (707,095 bytes) 1996-05-24 DOS Play online


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