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Inner Worlds  1996

Inner Worlds is an unusual platform game. The hero, a woman named Nikita, can change into a wolf and back again at will, provided that she has enough mana. As a wolf, she can jump higher and viciously bite enemies. As a woman, she can climb ladders and wield weapons. In either form, she can collect and use potions to restore health, jump higher, or become temporarily invincible. The game was developed by a community of volunteers who were recruited on a Linux Usenet group. The game looks beautiful by DOS standards but, after three years in development, the graphics looked dated compared to the 3D first-person shooters that had taken over the market, and Sleepless' founder considered the game a commercial failure. Sleepless declared the game freeware, but no longer hosts the full version due to bandwidth concerns. There are 3 episodes in this game, with only the first episode playable in the shareware version.

Episode 1: Wizard's World
Episode 2: World of Change
Episode 3: Heart of the World

Added by DOSGuy

Graphics modes

VGA Mode 13h

Inner Worlds


Inner Worlds Shareware Episode v1.3 (6,746,866 bytes) 18 April 1997 DOS
Inner Worlds Shareware Episode v1.1 (6,589,135 bytes) 5 September 1996 DOS
Inner Worlds Registered Version v1.2 (10,216,448 bytes) xxxx DOS
Inner Worlds Registered Version v1.3 (Still searching) xxxx DOS

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Sleepless Software has generously declared this game freeware.