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In Pursuit of Greed  1995

In Pursuit of Greed is a lesser known first-person shooter set in the year 15392, during the "third age of man". You play as a member of the Red Hunter elite acquisition squad. Your ship raids fringe planets for profit. The goal of the game, repeated throughout the game, is: "If it's moving around, kill it. If it's not nailed down, steal it." You can choose from five playable characters. Players can carry five weapons: two based on the character you selected, and the next three weapons you find. The levels feature moving platforms, and the soundtrack is quite good, but otherwise there isn't much to distinguish this game from the many Doom clones that surfaced around this time. Version 5.0c has a fairly impressive cinematic introduction.

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VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of In Pursuit of Greed


In Pursuit of Greed Shareware v7.0 (5,371,003 bytes) 1996-02-13 DOS
In Pursuit of Greed Shareware v5.0c (20,593,222 bytes) 1995-12-19 DOS
In Pursuit of Greed Shareware v4.0 (5,448,723 bytes) 1995-11-10 DOS
In Pursuit of Greed Shareware v2.0 (4,480,108 bytes) 1995-09-25 DOS

Source code

Source code for Greed in C and Assembly (156,876,223 bytes) xxxx


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