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Hyperoid  1991

Hyperoid is a clone of Atari's popular 1979 arcade game, Asteroids. Your goal is to destroy all of the asteroids on the screen, which break into smaller asteroids as you shoot them. Hostile spaceships attack from time to time which can destroy you by colliding with you or shooting you. The screen wraps around on all four sides. All of the graphics are wireframe polygons, imitating the vector graphics of the original game. Despite enhancements like color, shields, bombs, and more intelligent enemies, since the game is still faithful in concept to Asteroids, the author wisely released the game under a freeware license.

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Screenshot of Hyperoid


Hyperoid v1.1 Freeware with Source code in C (63,512 bytes) 1991-11-02 Win16 Play online
Hyperoid v1.0 Freeware (23,357 bytes) 1991-10-27 Win16


Edward Hutchins originally released this game as freeware under the GNU General Public License Version 1.