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Hugo's Horrific Adventure  1995

The Hugo Trilogy was re-released as for Windows 3.1 under slightly different names. The graphics are identical, but there are new sounds effects, and the music is much nicer. You still have the option of controlling Hugo by using the arrow keys and typing commands, but you can also use the mouse to click on where you want Hugo to go, and you can left-click to look at objects or right-click to take or use them. The "infinite score" bug from Hugo's House of Horrors is fixed in the Windows remake. Overall, the game retains all of the charm of the original, but makes it a bit easier to navigate, and the music and sound are a bit easier on the ears. There are three episodes in this game, with only the first episode playable in the shareware version.

Hugo's Horrific Adventure
Hugo's Mystery Adventure
Hugo's Amazon Adventure

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Screenshot of Hugo's Horrific Adventure


Hugo's Horrific Adventure v1.5 Shareware (698,779 bytes) 1997-10-14 Win16 Play online
Hugo's Horrific Adventure v1.4 Shareware (691,606 bytes) 1995-12-13 Win16


Gray Design Associates still sells the DOS and Windows versions of the Hugo Trilogy collectively for $10 by download.