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Honeycomb Hotel  1999

At first glance, Honeycomb Hotel is the third game in the Sherlock series. Instead of a square, Honeycomb Hotel uses a hexagonal playing area composed of hexagons, and the player must use the provided clues to deduce what season, flower, beehive, vegetable, animal, letter or insect goes in each space. The twist is that the bee has walked across each hexagon in the honeycomb, and you also have to figure out the path it took. Hints will tell you where a picture is relative to other pictures – with or without telling you if there is a path or a wall between them – or what path passes through that space. Since each space must have an entry point and an exit point, you can draw four walls around each space to indicate what path the bee didn't take, and this can be used to deduce what path it did take. The dual challenges don't necessarily make the game more difficult, since knowing the path can also help you deduce what goes in each space, but it does seem to make the game more fun. Another ingenious new feature is the "what if" mode, which allows you to try out what would happen if you made an assumption the contents of a space or the path taken through the honeycomb, which can then be discarded without making any changes to the board, for those who need some help visualizing the outcome of an assumption in their head. The board can look a bit intimidating to a first time player, but reduce the board to the smallest size and the game is incredibly easy, and you can quickly work your way up to the largest size. There are 65 536 puzzles in each of three of board sizes in this game, with only 24 from each size playable in the shareware version.

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Screenshot of Honeycomb Hotel

Screenshot of Honeycomb Hotel


Complete version history:

Honeycomb Hotel v2.10 (2017) Shareware (1,843,200 bytes) 2017-04-06 Win9x
Honeycomb Hotel v2.10 (2016) Shareware (1,839,104 bytes) 2016-11-28 Win9x
Honeycomb Hotel v2.10 (2015) Shareware (1,835,008 bytes) 2015-09-05 Win9x
Honeycomb Hotel v2.0 (2010) Shareware (1,773,568 bytes) 2010-01-04 Win9x
Honeycomb Hotel v2.0 (2006) Shareware (1,570,304 bytes) 2006-11-21 Win9x
Honeycomb Hotel v1.0a Shareware (505,855 bytes) 1999-10-18 Win16
Honeycomb Hotel v1.0 Shareware (473,811 bytes) 1999-10-17 Win16


Everett Kaser Software still sells this game for $19.95 by download or CD-ROM.