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Heroes  1998

A super-enhanced version of SNAFU with five modes of play. Four snakes, played by the computer and 1 or 2 humans, move about a playing field and die if they are unable to move because they are surrounded by their own body, an enemy, or the terrain. An auto-pilot feature causes your snake to automatically turn when it runs into something, but this feature can be disabled. You won't survive long in this fast-paced game without it! Game maps are usually wraparound, and have two layers connected by ramps, and some have tunnels that allow you to pass underneath barriers. Every map has a different background, graphics and soundtrack. Maps can have dips and hills, squares that prevent you from turning, speed you up, slow you down, or bring you to a complete stop for a few seconds. A boost bar allows you to speed up to outrun opponents. The speed of this game can get pretty intense. There are power-ups that make the snake longer or shorter, faster or slower, gain lives, score points, temporarily invert the direction keys, and they can effect either the player or all opponents. There are power-ups that cause the playing field to rotate 360° during play, and a "wave" effect that stretches and warps the screen like waves on the ocean. The soundtrack is awesome, and the visual effects are the most impressive that I have ever seen in a DOS game. Touching certain squares causes fiery explosions on a short time delay, which will kill any snake. The screen can fill with flames as they chase snakes across the explosion squares. The snakes' bodies are opaque so that you can see the squares underneath them. A radar screen shows all of the snakes and power-ups. In Quest mode, you must grow your snake and then find the gateway to the next level. In Kill'em All, the levels are full of "lemmings" in the color of the four snakes, and you must kill all of your opponents' lemmings while trying not to kill your own. The floor gets covered in blood. Death Match is a battle mode where the last snake alive wins. In Time Ca$h, the level is full of money, and the first snake to collect a randomly set amount wins. In Colors, there are pyramids in the color of the four snakes which are worth points, and X-pyramids that take points away. Collect your own pyramids and your opponents' X-pyramids until a random amount of time runs out, and the highest score wins. Custom levels can be created with a built-in level editor. This game must be seen to be believed.

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VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Heroes


Heroes v1.0 Freeware (2,984,234 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online


This game was originally released under a freeware license.