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Halo: Combat Evolved  2003

Originally conceived by it developers as a multi-player game only, Microsoft purchased Bungie and had them add a story, creating one of the most popular First-person Shooter franchises in history. Players take control of Master Chief, a mysterious cyborg who leads a team of marines through massive levels on a giant ring in space – the "halo" that gives the game its name. A unique gameplay element is the accompanying marines, who can both kill and be killed during missions. Besides an array of weapons, many of which can be acquired from the corpses of the enemy Covenant fighters, there are also a number of driveable vehicles. The story mode can even be played by two human players working cooperatively. The accompanying marines are a factor here as well, as they can be instructed to either drive the vehicle while Master Chief controls the gun, or become the gunner while Master Chief drives. Halo has impressive graphics and enemy AI, combined with a compelling story mode and highly acclaimed multiplayer levels.

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Halo: Combat Evolved Shareware (137,398,872 bytes) 2003-10-06 Win9x


Microsoft no longer sells this game.

It can be purchased from Amazon:

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