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Guimo  1996

Guimo is a shareware platform game about a cute green lizard-like alien who must save both his planet and Earth from a hostile entity called Necterion. To battle Necterion's minions, Guimo has a variety of weapons and powerups at his disposal, and can also employ the aid of friendly Eggy robots. One distinguishing feature of this game is the advanced AI of the enemies. The monsters roam the world and behave in smart ways to chase and attack Guimo while trying to dodge his attacks, rather than just standing still or moving in limited patterns. The game was sold in Brazil and Europe. There are five large levels in the game, with only the first level playable in the shareware version.

Forest Village
Orongo Falls
Ghost Castle
Star Gate
Deekore Ruins

Added by MrFlibble


VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Guimo


Guimo v2.2 Shareware (3799771 bytes) 18 December 1997 DOS Play online
Guimo v2.1 Shareware (3729311 bytes) 26 April 1997 DOS
Guimo Beta v1.2 (2954397 bytes) 14 October 1996 DOS
Guimo Beta v1.1 (2929331 bytes) 24 September 1996 DOS
Guimo Beta v1.0 (3508784 bytes) 10 September 1996 DOS


Guimo's Wallpaper for Windows BMP (150364 bytes) 25 April 1997
Guimo's Wallpaper for Windows JPG (108154 bytes) 25 April 1997

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Southlogic Studios no longer sells this game.