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Grand Theft Auto  1997

The infamous game that started it all, Grand Theft Auto is a game about stealing cars and committing crimes. Points are awarded for stealing cars, damaging other cars, killing people (100 points) and police officers (1000 points). The game allows general mayhem, but there are missions where your goal is to commit specific crimes like steal taxis, get rid of evidence, and assassinate people, which are worth for more points. The more serious your crimes, the more police attention they draw, which can eventually bring the entire force down on you. There are three cities with twenty drivable vehicles in each, including some joyride vehicles such as school buses and, of course, police cars. Although the blood and gore are pixelated, parents should be advised that this game includes profanity, references to drugs, and rewards criminal behavior, including homicide. The shareware demo only includes Liberty City and can only be played for 400 seconds, which should be enough time to complete any of the four missions that are available.

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Graphics modes

SVGA Mode 10Dh

Grand Theft Auto
SVGA Mode 10Eh

Grand Theft Auto
SVGA Mode 115h

Grand Theft Auto
SVGA Mode 150h

Grand Theft Auto
SVGA Undefined mode

Grand Theft Auto
SVGA Undefined mode

Grand Theft Auto


Grand Theft Auto Demo8 v11.4 8-bit color Demo (5,662,741 bytes) 12 November 1997 DOS Play online
Grand Theft Auto Demo24 v11.4 24-bit color Demo (9,531,378 bytes) 12 November 1997 DOS
Grand Theft Auto GTAfx v11.4 3Dfx Demo (9,534,974 bytes) 12 November 1997 DOS

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Rockstar Games no longer sells this game. Grand Theft Auto was included in a free download series at, but the download is no longer available.