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GobMan  1992

GobMan is a Pac-Man with a number of additions. Your goal is to eat all of the dots in each screen while evading four ghosts. GobMan can temporarily eat the ghosts when he eats a power pill. Each level is associated with a fruit bonus. There are a number of new power-ups, such as bombs that can kill every ghost on the screen, an hourglass that freezes all ghosts for 10 seconds, a red pill that temporarily turns off the walls, a case that contains 5 bombs, a door to the next level, and a 1-up item. There is a good variety of level designs, most of which feature wraparound exits. Thanks to the beautiful VGA graphics, this is one of the best Pac-Man games I've ever played. The registered version contains more challenges and more levels.

Added by DOSGuy


VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of GobMan


GobMan v1.1 Shareware (71,809 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online
GobMan v1.0 Shareware (77,537 bytes) 1992-04-09 DOS


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