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Gex  1996

Originally a 3DO game, Microsoft had Kinesoft Development port Gex to Windows. Gex is a gecko who can run, jump, cling to walls and ceilings, attack or break barriers with his tail, and eat things. Power-ups can be tail-whipped to recover one hit point, or eaten to acquire its property (such as bonus lives). It's a pretty standard platform game, with the novelty that Gex, voiced by comedian Dane Gould, delivers over 300 one-liners during gameplay. His goal in every level is to find a television remote control. Five worlds and one hidden world are broken into levels, each with a hidden bonus area. There are 6 worlds in this game, with only the first level playable in the trial version.

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Screenshot of Gex


Gex Trial Version (11,595,152 bytes) 1996-10-09 Win9x


Microsoft no longer sells this game.

It can be purchased from Amazon:

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Gex US
Gex (Jewel Case) US