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Get Medieval  1998

Get Medieval is basically a Gauntlet clone with enhanced graphics, voice acting and cinematic cutscenes. Up to four players can play at once, selecting an archer (Eryc), barbarian (Zared), sorceress (Levina) or avenger (Kellina) as their character, which differ in foot speed, weapon speed and weapon strength characteristics. Characters start with 999 health points, which count down with the passage of time, as well as when the player takes damage from enemies. Health potions and treasure chests are destroyable, and treasure chests must be opened with keys, which are usually found after a nest (which generates enemies) is destroyed. Some areas can only be reached with special keys. Magic scrolls allow magic to be cast to destroy large hordes of enemies. The characters frequently make humorous comments during gameplay, which can get old. There are four difficulty levels, and health doesn't decrease with the passage of time in Easy. Only Eryc, the archer, and only three difficulty levels are available in the shareware version. There are 40 levels in this game, with only the first 2 levels playable in the shareware demo. Get Medieval can't be installed on Windows Vista or newer due to a 16-bit installer.

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Screenshot of Get Medieval


Get Medieval v1.0 Demo (16,025,351 bytes) 1998-05-29 Win9x


Monolith no longer sells this game.