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Gargoyle Medieval Pack  1995

Gargoyle Medieval Pack is a collection of three games in which elves battle gargoyles. In Gargoyle, gargoyles have taken over the castle, and the elves are trying to get to the throne room to retrieve their gold. The elves move a bucket of water and have to catch every fireball that the gargoyle drops in order to advance. Falling rocks temporarily shrink the size of the bucket by half, while falling rubies double the size of the bucket. This game gets pretty fast by the end. In Gargoyle Revenge, the gargoyles throw elves from three stories of the castle, while the elves below catch them with a trampoline and bounce them to a hay wagon. The elves land in each of three locations on the ground before reaching the wagon, and the height of each bounce depends on how high they were thrown from. The gargoyles eventually throw the elves in staggered waves from different heights, but timing the landings never becomes difficult. This game might be entertaining for children. Gargoyle Mania is, by far, the most ambitious game of the trilogy. Waves of gargoyles drop rocks on the elves, who use a cart to shoot them down with arrows. When the gargoyles are killed, they sometimes drop items which can be caught in baskets on either side of the cart (unless they've been destroyed by enemy attacks), such as potions which restore health, grant invincibility, or upgrade the buckets, as well bronze, silver and gold coins, which can be used to by weapon and shield upgrades between stages. There are double or triple arrows, smart bombs which kill everything on the screen, unbreakable metal buckets, and even magnets which pull money towards the buckets. Most gargoyles take several hits to kill, and there are huge bosses at the end of each stage. It's quite addictive. The registered version adds additional levels to all three games, and additional weapons to Gargoyle Mania.

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VGA Mode X

Screenshot of Gargoyle Medieval Pack


Gargoyle Medieval Pack v1.4 Shareware (1,430,299 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online
Gargoyle Medieval Pack v1.4 Registered Version (1,413,007 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online


Author Jeff Souders generously released this game as freeware on 2 August 2008.