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Fuzzy's World of Miniature Space Golf  1995

Fuzzy's is a miniature golf game with beautiful graphics, a lively soundtrack, and whimsically creative holes. Many holes are broken into two or three stages. Instead of trying to see how low a score you can achieve, your goal is to actually complete the course! The scoring system is cumulative: each hole has a par, which is the number of strokes you get to complete the hole, and any remaining strokes are carried over to the next hole. It's fair to reward the player for being under par, but one problem with this approach is that it penalizes bad play on any hole. If you have a bad start, you may not be able to recover. When you run out of strokes, the game ends. You can't save your game, and there are no level codes. It's quite possible to carry 10 extra strokes throughout the first 9 holes, so the par in later holes starts to becomes unreasonable. For instance, Hole 14 is a two-stage par 5 but, with conservative play, the minimum number of strokes required to complete the hole is 7, and it's likely to take 8 to 10 strokes. The shareware version is a sample of the holes in the registered version (1=1, 2=5, 3=9, 4=11, 5=14, 6=15), but that doesn't leave time to carry enough bonus strokes into the final hole. It's almost impossible to get past Hole 6 in the shareware version. There are 18 holes in this game, with 6 holes playable in the shareware version.

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VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Fuzzy's World of Miniature Space Golf


Fuzzy's World of Miniature Space Golf v1.00s Shareware (2,078,442 bytes) 1995-05-10 DOS Play online


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