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Fury3  1995

Fury3 is a flight combat game based on the Terminal Velocity engine, and part of the Microsoft Home series. Updated for Win9x, Fury3 included a copy of Win32s and WinG to allow it to be played in Windows 3.1x. The Bions are a race of fighters created by the Terrans to help them win the IP Wars. After the war, the Bions couldn't be controlled, leading to the Bion Wars. A small group of Bions survived and regrouped on a planet called Fury, and are now trying to conquer the remaining seven planets of the Coalition. Gameplay is straightforward, with the player piloting a space ship over vast world maps, with tunnels like those in StarFox thrown in from time to time. The radar screen indicates where the next mission objective is, and the player destroys the targets before fighting one or two bosses at the end of each of the three missions on each of eight planets. An expansion pack called F!Zone added three new planets and a level editor. There are 24 levels in this game, with only the first level playable in the trial version.

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Screenshot of Fury3


Fury3 Trial Version (4,827,942 bytes) 1995-09-15 Win9x


Microsoft no longer sells this game.