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Funpack.Net for Windows  2000

Funpack.Net for Windows is a collection of 18 games for Windows, most of which were ported from Entertainment Pack for OS/2. The first release had only 9 games: Backgammon, Experthello, Four Stones, Fun Pegs (peg solitaire), FunMan (PacMan clone), Funtris (Tetris clone), Pyramid, Store (Sokoban clone), and Towers. The second release added Galaxy, Mahjongg, and Peaks. The third release added Poker, made Four Stones and Experthello playable online (requires wininet.dll), and renamed the game from Funpack for Windows to Funpack.Net for Windows. The final release added Eleven, Fun Golf, King 'n Ace, TetraVex, and Tic Tac Toe – all of which require Java. A fifth release was intended to include Checkers and Worm. In total, 10 games from Entertainment Pack for OS/2 were never ported to Funpack.Net for Windows (Battleship, Checkers, Connect Four, Greed, Master Mind, Memory, Mine, Puzzle, Roulette, and Scrooge), and one new game was added (Mahjongg). Funtris retains one of the OS/2 version's quirks: it only uses five of the seven tetrominoes. It has I (green), O (blue), T (red), J (yellow), and S (pink), but not the L and Z tetrominoes which mirror J and S, respectively. The author may have thought that J and S could be rotated into L and Z tetrominoes.

Added by DOSGuy



Screenshot of Funpack.Net for Windows


Funpack.Net for Windows May 2000 Release (1,973,248 bytes) 2000-06-04 Win9x
Funpack for Windows March 2000 Release (Still searching) xxxx Win9x
Funpack.Net for Windows February 2001 Release (13,402,624 bytes) 2001-02-19 Win9x
Funpack for Windows February 2000 Release (Still searching) xxxx Win9x


Peter Wansch generously declared this game freeware on 12 September 2011.