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Full Tilt! Pinball  1995

Full Tilt! Pinball is a 3D pinball game, best known because a slightly altered version of the Space Cadet table was part of the Microsoft Plus! Pack for Windows 95, and was included in Windows Me and Windows XP. The game has realistic graphics, sound, physics and gameplay. As in most modern pinball machines, the player is given missions to achieve (selected at random by shooting the left ramp) for bonus points. In the Space Cadet table, there are 9 ranks, and the player's current rank determines which missions are available, and how many points successful completion of the mission will earn them towards the next rank. The shareware demo only supports a resolution of 640×480, but 800×600 and 1024×768 are available in the full version. Players start with only one life in the demo (though extra lives can still be earned during gameplay). Up to four players can take turns playing (only one player in the demo). The installer for the .020 RC2 Windows 95 demo is 16-bit and will not run on 64-bit Windows, but the game is ready to play in the FULLDEMO folder. There are 3 tables in this game, with only the first table playable in the shareware version.

Tables: Space Cadet, Skulduggery, Dragon's Keep

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Full Tilt! Pinball


Full Tilt! Pinball v.020 RC2 Windows 95 Demo (3,224,196 bytes) 18 December 1995 Win9x
Full Tilt! Pinball v.006 Windows 95 Demo (1,182,087 bytes) 22 October 1995 Win9x
Full Tilt! Pinball Windows 3.1 Demo (Still searching) xxxx Win16

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Electronic Arts no longer sells this game.

It can be purchased from Amazon:

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