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Framed  1994

Framed is an unusual game combining the platform and adventure genres. The protagonist has been framed and imprisoned and must free himself to find out why. Like a typical platform game, he can jump over enemies and projectiles, which reduce his health bar. Like an adventure game, the hero can examine objects and the game describes what he sees. He must find and sometimes combine items in order to overcome obstacles like defeating security cameras and opening locked doors. There are a great many things that he can interact with, such as cabinets that can be opened and switches that activate elevators. The game was created with Machination's game creator, PAGE (Platform Adventure Game Engine), which allowed it to be created without writing a single line of code. The downside is that the limitations of the game creator limited the graphics to 16 colors, despite using a VGA mode that supports 256 colors. (Machination indicated that they were working to add support for 256 colors in a future version of PAGE.) The world is quite large, with dozens of rooms for the hero to explore. There are four scenarios in this game, with only the first scenario playable in the shareware version.

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VGA non-standard mode

Screenshot of Framed


Framed v1.2 Shareware Episode (194,952 bytes) 1995-08-01 DOS Play online
Framed v1.1 Shareware Episode (199,981 bytes) 1995-07-01 DOS
Framed v1.00 Shareware Episode (197,670 bytes) 1995-02-01 DOS


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Cheat Codes

Press C + [+] on the numeric keypad to enter Cheat Mode.

[F1] = 100% health
[F2] = Collect object by object number
[F3] = Enter location to warp to
[F4] = Show the current location