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Floyd's Bumpershoot  1999

Floyd's Bumpershoot is a puzzle game where the goal is to deduce where bumpers are on a pool table. You hit a ball across the table vertically or horizontally and see where the ball comes out. The ball may hit three kinds of barriers. Flippers deflect the ball at a 90 degree angle, and flip so that the deflect the ball in the opposite direction each time. Deflectors bounce the ball straight back, and holes swallow the ball completely. Seeing where the ball comes after shooting multiple times from different directions eventually allows the player to deduce where the barriers are. It's really quite a clever concept, but starts at a difficulty level which should be playable for most people. There are 65 536 puzzles for each of three table sizes, plus custom sizes, with only the first 12 puzzles for each table type playable in the shareware version.

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Floyd's Bumpershoot

Floyd's Bumpershoot


Complete version history:

Floyd's Bumpershoot v2.0 Shareware (1,499,648 bytes) 3 December 2007 Win9x
Floyd's Bumpershoot v1.0 Shareware (410,786 bytes) 30 January 1999 Win16

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Everett Kaser Software still sells this game for $19.95 by download or CD-ROM.