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Fire Fight  1996

Fire Fight is an early 360° isometric shooter for Windows 95. The hero, a pilot named Jaxon, is tasked by the ruling Phantom Council to dispense intergalactic "justice" to guilty planets and peoples, destroying their defenses and razing their buildings with extreme prejudice. Featuring 3D-rendered sprites, dynamic lighting, and environmental effects such as rain and lightning, Fire Fight's graphics and audio were excellent for its era. Six different types of ammunition can be collected, and mission objectives sometimes include gathering bombs or rescuing people in addition to destroying everything that moves. An optional hi-res data package doubles the game's resolution from 320×200 to 640×400. Five multiplayer levels can be played online (only one is available in the shareware demo). The demo's installer is 16-bit and will not run on 64-bit Windows, but the game is 32-bit and playable in 64-bit Windows once the installer has been run from a compatible OS (such as Windows XP Mode). There are 18 levels in this game, with only the first 4 levels playable in the shareware version.

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Screenshot of Fire Fight


Fire Fight v1.2 Demo (8,497,240 bytes) 1997-07-31 Win9x
Fire Fight v1.1 Demo (9,981,930 bytes) 1996-09-12 Win9x
Fire Fight v1.0 Demo (11,750,919 bytes) 1996-07-16 Win9x


Fire Fight v1.2 Optional Data (8,354,979 bytes) 1997-07-31 Win9x
Fire Fight v1.1 Optional Data (8,281,066 bytes) 1996-09-12 Win9x
Fire Fight v1.0 Optional Data (10,033,976 bytes) 1996-07-16 Win9x


Fire Fight Shareware v1.0 to v1.2 patch (1,594,985 bytes) 1997-07-31 Win9x
Fire Fight Registered v1.0 to v1.2 patch (1,340,665 bytes) 1997-07-31 Win9x


Epic Games no longer sells this game.