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Evasive Maneuvers  1994

Evasive Maneuvers is a typical side-scrolling shooter, though a bit slower paced. Your ship can fire lasers forward and drop bombs. You must guide your ship through auto-scrolling levels while avoiding or destroying mines, missiles, rockets and UFOs, and collecting fuel by destroying fuel containers. There are often multiple routes through the mazes, some of which are dead ends. While the levels are auto-scrolling, your ship doesn't automatically move forward, and you lose a life if your ship falls off the left side of the screen. The graphics and sound are quite good for the era, though there isn't much variety in the structures and backgrounds within each episode. Unable to locate a copy of the original registered version, Colin Buckley compiled the registered version from source in 2008 and made it available online, although it is apparently not freely redistributable (and can't be hosted here). There are four episodes in this game, with only the first episode in the shareware version.

Scenario 1: Imperial City
Scenario 2: Infrastructure
Scenario 3: E.N.I.A.C. 9
Scenario 4: Desert Valley

Added by DOSGuy


VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Evasive Maneuvers


Evasive Maneuvers Shareware v1.2 (528,426 bytes) 1994-11-24 DOS Play online
Evasive Maneuvers Shareware v1.1 (508,125 bytes) 1994-11-14 DOS


Exaggerated Software generously made the registered version of this game freely downloadable (but not redistributable) at on 7 October 2008.