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Electranoid  1994

Electranoid is like an enhanced version of Arkanoid. There are one-hit, multi-hit and unbreakable bricks, and the usual assortment of power-ups, such as being able to catch the ball, split the ball in three, or fire lasers, as well as missiles which can destroy an entire column of bricks. What makes Electranoid unique is that there are two kinds of enemies that dramatically alter the gameplay. Menacers come in six varieties, and release balls of their own. Those balls each have a different effect, such as making the paddle hard to see, turning regular bricks into multi-hit bricks, or turning them into bricks that can only be destroyed with the ball from a red Menacer. You can keep Menacer balls in play, but if you drop your regular ball, you lose a life. There are also four kinds of Destroyers, who release balls that will destroy your paddle. There are 100 levels in the registered version.

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Graphics modes

VGA Mode 13h



Electranoid v1.11s Shareware Episode (193,433 bytes) 1 July 1995 DOS Play online
Electranoid v1.10s Shareware Episode (191,405 bytes) 15 January 1995 DOS
Electranoid v1.03s Shareware Episode (184,365 bytes) 1 November 1994 DOS
Electranoid v1.01s Shareware Episode (140,595 bytes) 14 May 1994 DOS
Electranoid v1.0s Shareware Episode (152,816 bytes) 2 May 1994 DOS
Electranoid v1.02s Shareware Episode (141,166 bytes) xxxx DOS

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