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EGA Trek  1988

A PC adaptation of one of the first computer games ever written. I first played a game like this on a Kaypro 4 running CP/M. The concept is simple, but enjoyable. You command a starship in a galaxy divided into 8×8 quadrants which are divided into 8×8 sectors. Use warp drive to move between quadrants and impulse engines to move within them. EGA Trek takes advantage of EGA graphics to display most of the important statistics and maps without having to request them a command at a time. The enemies are called Mongols and you command the U.S.S. Lexington, a Union starship. Attack with lasers and torpedoes, defend with shields, map the galaxy with scanners, and repair and reload at starbases. An unusual feature is that there are also planets, some of which have energium which you can use to power the ship in an emergency, as long as shuttle craft or transporters are working. 5 difficulty levels ensure a good challenge for newcomers and veterans.

Added by DOSGuy


EGA Mode 10h

Screenshot of EGA Trek


Complete version history:

EGA Trek v3.1 Shareware (131,299 bytes) 1994-09-01 DOS Play online
EGA Trek v3.0 Shareware (111,703 bytes) 1992-01-22 DOS
EGA Trek v2.31 Shareware (115,430 bytes) 1991-02-18 DOS
EGA Trek v2.3 Shareware (112,740 bytes) 1990-08-29 DOS
EGA Trek v2.2 Shareware (113,013 bytes) 1990-08-11 DOS
EGA Trek v2.1 Shareware (108,631 bytes) 1989-11-01 DOS
EGA Trek v2.0 Shareware (105,437 bytes) 1989-05-09 DOS
EGA Trek v1.0 Shareware (82,785 bytes) 1988-05-09 DOS


Arcanum Computing still sells the registered version of this game for $15 on floppy disk.