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Dungeons of the Necromancer's Domain  1988

Dungeons of the Necromancer's Domain was created when TSR sent Bill Knight a cease and desist order due to the name "DND" being too similar to their trademark on "D&D". The new game still has the intials "DND" and reuses most of DND's code, the version number starts at 2.0, and the copyright information still begins in 1984, but the "new" game features five new dungeons and uses the Extended ASCII character set to draw the walls with box drawing symbols instead of letters. If you like DND, you should feel quite at home in this "sequel". There are three character types: fighter, magician, and cleric. Your character has attributes such as strength, intelligence, and agility, which can change throughout the game. The five dungeons are rendered in ASCII text, and form a 20×20×20 maze. You can pick up magical items, fight monsters, cast magic, and find treasure. Hit points and skill at casting magic increase as you gain experience points and level up. There are 5 dungeons in this game.

Mount Galarung
Shelob's Lair

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Dungeons of the Necromancer's Domain v2.0:1 Shareware (84,998 bytes) 1988-12-26 DOS Play online
Dungeons of the Necromancer's Domain v2.0:0 Shareware (72,751 bytes) 1988-10-08 DOS


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