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Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project  2002

Duke Nukem: Manhattan project is a false 3D platform game where the characters and environment are rendered in 3D, but with fixed paths through the levels that are usually flat, but sometimes round, like Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. As a platform game, it is the spiritual sequel to Duke Nukem II. This time around Duke can grab onto ledges and duck, and he can kill enemies by jumping on them or kicking them. The graphics are excellent, Duke makes his usual witty comments, and everything about the game oozes attitude. Duke gets a wide array of weapons, and the pig cops from Duke Nukem 3D are back for more punishment. There are 8 episodes in this game, with only the first episode playable in the shareware version.

Episode 1: Rooftop Rebellion
Episode 2: Chinatown Chiller
Episode 3: Metro Madness
Episode 4: Unholy Underworld
Episode 5: Fearsome Factory
Episode 6: Tanker Trouble
Episode 7: Deviant Drilling
Episode 8: "the final out-of-this-world episode"

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Screenshot of Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project


Complete version history:

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project v1.01 Shareware Episode (52,785,207 bytes) 2002-07-01 Win9x


Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project Registered v1.0 to v1.01 patch (4,663,330 bytes) 2002-06-13 Win9x


ARUSH Entertainment was purchased by HIP Interactive, which went bankrupt soon afterwards.

It can be downloaded in a Windows-compatible format from GOG for $5.99.

Cheat Codes

Go to console (you can open the console with the ~ key) then type

exec cheats.cfg

-then hit Enter and close console. You then can press these keys during gameplay to activate the functions shown in this list:

G - give everything except jetpack and forcefield
H - give all ammo
J - give jetpack
F - give forcefield
L - give extra-life
K - kill self
I - turn invincibility ON/OFF
P - developer's pause ("Matrix" mode)
- small HUD
= normal HUD
M show map name you are on

Other notes / things

Kick combo - kick an enemy three times in a row with the double-jump-kick successfully and get special "Combo" powerup.

You get Double damage damage powerup when you reach 250 ego points, and an All-ammo "Quad-damage" if you hit 400 ego points. You should not get these twice in one map.

If you complete and finish the game on Hard difficulty with ALL Nukes, you are rewarded with the X-3000 Lightning Gun for future playing and replaying.


You can experiment with recording your own demos by typing 'record [demoname]' when you are up and running in a game. To end your demo, simply die, or pause the game by hitting esc.
Play your demo by typing 'play [demoname]'