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Duck Hunt  1994

The first in Alligator Software's series of Visual Basic hunting games for Windows, Duck Hunt is pretty much what you would expect it to be: ducks fly across the screen and you try to shoot them. You can fire three shots before you need to reload. There are 20 ducks in each wave, and you have to kill two ducks for each wave number in order to advance to the next wave (i.e. you are required to kill 6 ducks in Wave 3). The background stretches to fullscreen at any resolution, but the duck bitmap stays the same size. At lower resolutions, this makes the duck take up more of the screen, making it easier to hit, but also crosses the screen faster, so you might only get one shot at each duck, whereas you could take three shots at each duck at a higher resolution. I've gotten similar scores at 640×480 and 1024×768, so the consequences of changing the resolution seem to cancel each other out. There are three difficulty levels, and you can adjust the flying speed of the ducks. 5 additional backgrounds could be purchased: winter, pond, fall, sunset, and marsh scenes.

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Screenshot of Duck Hunt


Duck Hunt v3.1 Shareware (387,823 bytes) 1994-06-21 Win16


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