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Dinner With Moriarty  1997

Also known as Sherlock II: Dinner With Moriarty, this game is the sequel to the popular game of deduction inspired by Sherlock Holmes. This time a group of people are sitting around a table, and one of them has had their food poisoned. To complete the puzzle you must determine who is seated at each chair, what color their plate is, what they're having to drink, and what food they are eating, based on a set of clues provided to the right of the table. At the most basic level, the game is very easy – much easier than Sherlock. However, the game concept scales very well. At higher difficulty levels, more people sit at the table, things can be set at the corners of the table, and you can have to figure out what hat everyone is wearing and what (presumably) their favorite number is. It's extremely easy to jump right into playing the game because hovering the mouse over the hints triggers a pop-up explanation of what the hint is telling you. The hints can tell you that two things are at the same place, between two other things, directly across from something, or above/below or to the left/right of something. Through the process of deduction, you eliminate possibilities until you know what's in each square. Every puzzle can be solved with the hints that are given, but if you ask for a hint, the game will explain to you in plain English how one of the hints helped you to eliminate one of the possibilities. Getting a hint will cost you 30 seconds on your clock. When you no longer need one of the clues, you can send it to a holding bin, where you can still see it if you change your mind. Version 2.0 converted the game to Win32-only. There are 65 536 puzzles in each of the six difficulty levels of this game, with only the first 25 from each difficultly level playable in the shareware version.

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Screenshot of Dinner With Moriarty

Screenshot of Dinner With Moriarty


Dinner With Moriarty v3.01 (2017) Shareware (2,863,104 bytes) 2017-04-10 Win9x
Dinner With Moriarty v3.01 (2016) Shareware (2,859,008 bytes) 2016-11-30 Win9x
Dinner With Moriarty v2.1 Shareware (1,396,736 bytes) 2015-09-05 Win9x
Dinner With Moriarty v2.0a Shareware (1,404,928 bytes) 2010-01-04 Win9x
Dinner With Moriarty v2.0 Shareware (1,294,848 bytes) 2004-11-26 Win9x
Dinner With Moriarty v1.1a Shareware (564,738 bytes) 1997-09-26 Win16
Dinner With Moriarty v1.1 Shareware (Still searching) 1997-09-15 Win16
Dinner With Moriarty v1.0a Shareware (Still searching) 1997-09-08 Win16
Dinner With Moriarty v1.0 Shareware (556,651 bytes) 1997-08-03 Win16


Everett Kaser Software still sells this game for $19.95 by download or CD-ROM.