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Daytona USA  1996

Daytona USA is an impressive Windows port of the first Sega Model 2 arcade game. Players race a stock car on their choice of three tracks, and get to choose between manual or automatic transmission. Besides the obvious goal of winning the race, the player must also beat the clock to continue to get time added to their race clock. Daytona USA had revolutionary graphics in its day, featuring texture-mapped polygons to look smoother than any previous racing game. The PC port features the original "Arcade Mode", as well as a "PC Mode" that adds extra features like time trials. Daytona USA Deluxe added a new track, a CD soundtrack, and 8 player network play. Only the Easy track can be raced for 2 laps in the demo.

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Screenshot of Daytona USA


Daytona USA Demo (5,068,303 bytes) 1996-11-27 Win9x


Sega no longer sells this game.

It can be purchased from Amazon:

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