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Dare to Dream  1993

Dare to Dream is a graphic adventure that takes place inside the mind of a troubled ten year-old boy. Tyler Norris lost his father eight months ago, and his dreams have been haunted by someone named Christian. His concerned mother has taken him to a psychiatrist, and that's where the story begins. You must explore the world inside Tyler's mind, examining objects and solving puzzles to rescue Tyler from his own dreams. Dare to Dream features imaginative characters and locations, and the experience is enhanced by very nice musical scores throughout the game. There are 3 parts in this game, with only the first part playable in the shareware version.

Part 1: In a Darkened Room
Part 2: In Search of the Beast
Part 3: Christian's Lair

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Screenshot of Dare to Dream


Dare to Dream Shareware Episode (760,703 bytes) xxxx Win16 Play online


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