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Dangerous Dave  1990

Dangerous Dave is an early PC platform game. The premise is simple: Dave must recover a trophy from each of 10 level in Clyde's hideout and go to the door to the next level. Some levels have guns, which have unlimited ammunition, and jetpacks, which have limited fuel. There are secret zones, but the game is more or less linear. The controlling Dave while jumping or falling can be a bit tricky, but Dangerous Dave is one of the first platform games that many DOS gamers ever played. A true classic.

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CGA Mode 04h

Screenshot of Dangerous Dave
EGA Mode 0Dh

Screenshot of Dangerous Dave
VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Dangerous Dave


Catacomb and Dangerous Dave Gamer's Edge Sampler (224,112 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online


Dangerous Dave was never sold as a standalone product, but was used to promote Softdisk's Gamer's Edge brand.