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D/Generation  1991

D/Generation is an isometric-view adventure game with action and puzzle elements. You play a courier making a delivery at the Singapore lab of a company called Genoq, who are developing genetically engineered bioweapons. The security system has started attacking humans, leaving just a few survivors to help you unravel the mystery. In addition to automated security systems, like electrified floors and rotating weapon turrets, the building is full of Neogens (bioweapons) that attack anyone they find. The four types of Neogens are red balls called A/Generation, blue cylinders called B/Generation, shapeshifting humanoids called C/Generation, and the boss bioweapon, called D/Generation. The hero can open doors and deactivate security systems by touching yellow or white arrows on the walls (the white ones require a key), or by shooting them with a laser. The laser weapon bounces off of walls and can destroy most of the items in the building, as well as kill Neogens and humans, but it does not harm the hero if it bounces back and hits him. Gameplay largely revolves around shooting, avoiding or disabling the security measures in more than 120 rooms, and solving puzzles like how to open the doors to acquire keys or get to the next room. The Interactive Demo's installer consists of a batch file that calls PKUnzip to extract three archives, but PKUnzip was not included in any of the archives I have found, so it will be necessary to decompress the zip files yourself. DGEN.ZIP should be extracted to the base directory, while DATA.ZIP and VGA.ZIP should be extracted to directories named DATA and VGA, respectively. The demo supports AdLib sound cards and VGA graphics, while the full version also supports Hercules, CGA, EGA, and Tandy graphics modes. There are ten floors in this game, with only the first floor playable in the demo version.

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VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of D/Generation


D/Generation Interactive Demo (242,441 bytes) 1991-11-22 DOS Play online


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