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Cybersphere  1996

Cybersphere is simply the best "ball and paddle" game I've ever played. It's like Arkanoid, but with better graphics, music, and sound. There are some new power-ups, as well as gems to collect for bonus points, and the gameplay is unusually fun. One of the power-ups temporarily places a guard rail at the bottom of the level. Each level has a different background and walls. Even the guard rail has many different appearances. Naturally, multi-ball is also available. There's very little empty space in the game, which seems to make it easier to keep the ball in play, eliminating the frustration factor common to most games of this genre. Angled corners and edges help to virtually eliminate the problem of hitting that one last block, which is the scourge of the genre. To keep it challenging, some levels have invisible blocks that only become visible after being hit. There are 5 sectors with various numbers of levels and 10 bonus stages in this game, with only one sector containing three levels and two bonus stages in the demo version.

Added by DOSGuy


VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Cybersphere


Cybersphere Shareware Version (47,479 bytes) 1996-04-15 DOS
Cybersphere Registered Version (71,667 bytes) 1996-04-15 DOS Play online


Author Clay Hellman has generously released this game as freeware.