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Cyberboard Kid  1996

Known as Cyberboard Kid in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and Cyril Cyberpunk in the rest of the world, CK/CC is a platform game in which a young hero named Cyril Cyberpunk uses a flying board and a pellet gun to stop an alien invasion. The invasion force is largely robotic, and largely consists of robotic teddy bears for some reason. The cyberboard can be used to flight upwards to reach higher ledges for as long as it has enough fuel. Originally developed by Apogee Software as Cyberboard Kid, the game was sold to Reality Studios. Apogee never sold the game, but Reality Studios forgot to remove Apogee as the North American distributor on the ordering pages. The game starts in the standard 320×200 VGA mode, but switches to a strange non-standard 288×223 resolution in-game, which isn't even a 4:3 aspect ratio. There are 32 levels in this game, with only the first 6 playable in the shareware version.

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Graphics modes

VGA Non-standard mode

Cyberboard Kid


Cyberboard Kid v0.51 Shareware Demo (4,225,780 bytes) 19 January 1996 DOS
Cyril Cyberpunk v0.51 Shareware Demo (4,257,229 bytes) 17 January 1996 DOS Play online

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