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CyClones  1994

CyClones is a first-person shooter with a number of novel gameplay features. An army of alien Cybernetic Clones ("CyClones") have conquered Earth. You play Havoc, a cybernetically enhanced warrior, who is the only hope of defeating the alien invaders. CyClones introduced the ability to use the mouse (or the arrow keys) to aim independently from the character's movement, and aim at any part of the screen. It also used an inventory system that adds a new dimension to the gameplay. Instead of merely walking over health and armor drops and instantly absorbing them, power-ups have to be picked up and are then added to the player's inventory. This allows Havoc to pick up health kits (called "bio kits") and armor kits (called "mech kits") when he's at full health and then use them when he's injured. There's also a 3D map function and an in-game tutorial. The shareware demo has a special level not found in the full version.

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VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of CyClones


CyClones Demo version 2 (2,420,918 bytes) 1995-09-22 DOS Play online
CyClones Demo v1.00 (Still searching) 1994-11-06 DOS


Ubi Soft (owner of Strategic Simulations, Inc.) no longer sells this game.

It can be purchased from Amazon:

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