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Corncob 3D  1991

Corncob 3D is possibly the only shareware flight simulator for DOS. The premise is a bit strange, though. Adolf Hitler's demise at a young age prevented World War II, but aliens invaded in 1938 and colonized the planet at will until 1949. The world has finally coordinated a plan to attack the invaders on all fronts, and you must fly missions or all will be lost. Your airplane is equipped with guns, missiles and bombs, and you can get out of your plane and navigate on foot with just a pistol. EGA graphics mean that the graphics aren't very realistic, but a lot of people enjoyed this game. The full version has missions on other worlds in other solar systems.

Added by DOSGuy


Corncob 3D v3.42 Shareware Episode (358,968 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online
Corncob 3D v3.4 Shareware Episode (377,073 bytes) xxxx DOS
Corncob 3D v2.0 Shareware Episode (340,255 bytes) xxxx DOS
Corncob 3D v1.21 Shareware Episode (320,217 bytes) xxxx DOS
Corncob 3D v1.2 Shareware Episode (Still searching) xxxx DOS


I have found no ordering information for this game, and it is not listed on MVP's website.