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Cool Spot  1994

Despite being an advertisement for 7 Up, this platform game about Cool Spot's quest to collect 7 Up spots is really good, winning fans and even awards for its music. Cool Spot can shoot soda bubbles in eight directions, and can jump and grab onto things like balloons. The game features challenging gameplay and smooth graphics. Cool Spot searches for spots in a number of beach levels, and can rescue a Cool Spot who is locked in a cage when he collects enough spots, which depends on the difficulty level. If he collects enough spots, he can go to a bonus level. A time limit prevents you from taking forever to find all 100 spots in each level. Virtually identical to console versions of the game. Only the first level is playable in the shareware demo.

Added by DOSGuy


VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Cool Spot


Cool Spot Shareware Demo (417,973 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online


Virgin Games no longer sells this game.