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Command & Conquer  1995

Command & Conquer is the first game in one of the most popular real-time strategy series of all time. Two factions, the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod, fight to control an extraterrestrial element called Tiberium. You choose one side to command, build factories to process Tiberium, and build vehicles and weapons to destroy the enemy. The levels are imaginatively designed, and there is a great variety of vehicles and attacks at your disposal. Developed by Westwood Studios, a Virgin Interactive company since 1992. Westwood released a downloadable demo in two files: a demo with 3 levels (all GDI): levels 1, 10 and 6, and a second file with the music and briefing videos. There was a CD-ROM based demo that included everything in the two downloadable files, as well as 3 extra levels (all Nod). The 6-level demo requires a CD-ROM to be in the CD-ROM drive. Mount the CD image as a CD-ROM in DOSBox (with "imgmount d [filename] -t cdrom") and mount the C: drive as a hard drive to install the game into.

Added by DOSGuy


VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Command & Conquer


Command & Conquer 6-level Demo v1.0a (218,546,176 bytes) 1996-05-29 DOS
Command & Conquer 3-level Demo v1.0a (German) (31,315,712 bytes) 1996-02-07 DOS
Command & Conquer 3-level Demo v1.0a (9,367,945 bytes) 1995-11-17 DOS


Command & Conquer music and briefing videos for v1.0a Shareware (17,797,920 bytes) 1995-11-09 DOS


Copyright holder Electronic Arts generously declared Command & Conquer Gold, a Windows 95 version of this game with a Windows XP patch, freeware on 31 August 2007.