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Combine 'Em  1996

Combine 'Em is a puzzle game where the object is to reduce a group of blocks to a single block by pushing them into each other, or destroying them with bombs. The blocks are called Combiners, and each one has a letter value between A and L. Combiners of the same letter can be combined. Each combiner also has a number value which indicates how many blocks are inside of the combiner. The rules are different in each level, and determine how far a piece slides when pushed, and how many blocks each Combiner can hold. If an A2 is combined with an A2, it will turn into an A4 if the limit is high enough, otherwise it will upgrade into a B1. Completely filled Bs become Cs, Cs become Ds, and so on. This is important because only combiners of the same letter can be combined. While moving Combiners and bombs, one must avoid or destroy Stoppers, of which there are two varieties. Regular Stoppers prevent pieces from being pushed, but can be destroyed by bombs, while Bomb-Proof Stoppers are indestructible. The level grid can be up to 50×50 in size, and custom levels can be designed. The game has very nice music. The game is fully unlocked, but a newer version, v2.0, is available only as a registered version. It adds new types of squares and bombs, teleporters, direction changers, one way gates, bomb-proof Combiners, and a built-in puzzle designer.

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Screenshot of Combine 'Em


Combine 'Em v1.02 Shareware (918,085 bytes) 1996-03-22 Win16
Combine 'Em v1.0 Shareware (874,108 bytes) 1996-03-03 Win16


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