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Claw  1997

Claw is a typical platformer with an entertaining premise. You play Captain Nathaniel Joseph Claw, a pirate cat who has been captured by Cocker-Spaniards, a group of seafaring anthropomorphic dogs. Captain Claw can jump, duck, fight, throw enemies, and use a number of projectile weapons. The levels feature save points that you can continue from after losing a life. Besides boxes containing power-ups, there are powder kegs that can be detonated to blow up bad guys. The game has a light mood and a good mix of action and exploration, with secret areas and hidden treasures to find. The full version has over 20 minutes of animated cutscenes. The shareware version includes the first and fourth levels ("La Roca" and "Dark Woods"). There are 14 levels in this game, with only 2 levels playable in the shareware version.

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Screenshot of Claw


Claw v1.0 Demo (11,275,313 bytes) 1997-08-26 Win9x


Monolith Productions no longer sells this game.